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The Most Effective Screwdriver Types Used in Home Repairs

There are specific screwdrivers that he should choose when doing home improvements and repairs so as to get the best results. For most people who like to do the repairs on their own, is a huge chance that you do not know that there are many types of screwdrivers. The two main types of screwdrivers according to most people out there are those with a minus shaped head and those with a plus signed head. The truth when it comes to types of screwdrivers is that there are many varieties out there but only five are important. Outlined in the sections below are some of the main types of screwdrivers.

The first type of screwdriver you learn about is a Phillips screwdriver; this is a screwdriver that you should, without doubt, have in your toolbox. The Phillips screwdriver was invented and designed in the 19th century and its use has been common ever since that time. The head of this screwdriver was designed to fit into the plus-sign-shaped screws that are mostly used in furniture and home appliances.

The second screwdriver that you need to learn about is a slotted or flat screwdriver. The slotted screws are more likely to be found in older furniture and appliances since they are no longer being used in the manufacture of new products. There are chances that you own some of this equipment and it is for this reason that the slotted screwdriver has made it to this list.

The Robertson or the Square Recess is also another key model to learn about in this process. It is recommended for you to ensure you include this screwdriver in your tool kit. The Robertson fits perfectly into screws and square holes. The durable nature of these screws makes them ideal in the design of furniture that is supposed to be durable. Check out this link to discover more.

When working on repairs in your home probably come across the next type of screwdriver you’re going to talk about which is called the Torx or Star Tips. The field of repairs where these screwdrivers excel is when working on cars and electronics. In earlier days, the screwdrivers were used for security applications but with time they found use in the field of commerce. These screwdrivers are used to work on star-shaped screws.

For people who work on furniture a lot, the Hex screwdriver is another type that they have probably come across before. The screwdriver works with bolts instead of being used to tighten and loosen screws. For more information on this topic, click on this link.