A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Emergency Medical Aid for a Sports Injury

About 3.5 million people get sports injury every year in the USA. To be safe on and off the field you do not have to be a professional physician. The following are the ways on how you can be able to treat the most common sports injuries before they can get worse.

If you get a sports injury the first thing that you will have to do is to stop what you were doing immediately. You will feel a sudden pain which is the first sign when you get a sports injury. You should stop what you were doing to avoid any further injuries. Take a rest after you have stopped what you are doing. Things may get worse if you try to push with what you were doing after getting a sports injury. You should not try anything else when you have a sports injury as you could be delaying the healing days and even weeks.

After you have stopped doing what you were doing you will now have to find a way to reduce the swelling. You will notice some swelling in the injured area if you have a sports injury. Your use of muscle will be lost if you get a sports injury and it swells. You should stop the swelling on the soft tissues when you have a sports injury. You can choose to apply ice directly to the injured area and keep it elevated above your heart to stop blood from pooling.

You should ensure that there is no more blooding flowing out if you are cut. You need to wash around the cut area with soap and water first and then you should cover the wound with a snug or an appropriate bandage as you seek medical attention. When you have much deeper wounds you may need even stitches which will help you to walk to the hospital where you will be able to get a much better assistant for your wound. The butterfly bandage can only be able to work if you will be able to pull the wound together and put the butterfly bandage.

After you have kept off the injured area and applied ice on it, most sprains and also bruises will start to heal after some time. If after 24 hours you are still swelling and you still have pain do not try to decrease just go and see a doctor. After the healing has begun you should try to stretch the parts that were injured. Massage will help to improve the functioning of the muscles that were injured. After sometime you should increase the use of your injured joint or even muscle. In conclusion the above discussion is about the first aid treatment for a sports injury that you may get while you are working.