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What is the Perfect Gift for Someone Suffering from Insomnia

It is estimated at over 10% of the American adult population have been diagnosed with chronic insomnia. You will appreciate just how important a good night sleep is when you stay for a couple of days without having anything close to a good night sleep. Sadly, very many people today suffer from insomnia and what better way to offer your support to an insomniac than to show them that you care? Through personalized insomniac gifts, you will be able to help your friends and relatives have a better night of rest. Read more to know the kind of gifts an insomniac will love and treasure forever.

How about you start your gifting with a pack of essential oil products that are known to induce sleep naturally? The good news is getting essential oil products is very easy today more than ever before because they are in such high demand due to their efficacy in sleep induction. You can also decide to make a customized essential oil gift for your loved one, and again the options here are limitless. You can always get your loved one a diffuser which you can avail from a retail website or even a box store near you. Of course, you will need the actual essential oil as well as part of your gift. These oils include lavender, cedarwood, bergamot, and the popular ylang-ylang. Still on point, you might also want to consider items customized with essential oils like a pillow mist made of lavender or a scented candle made of bergamot.

The other gift idea should be a bedtime care basket. Your bedtime care basket should never be complete without a journal and the reason for this is to allow one to jot down their thoughts and calm their minds instead of getting distracted on their mobile phone. Sleep inducing herbal teas will also be an essential component of the bedtime care basket. Be sure you discover more about the benefits of chamomile, lavender and valerian root tea mixes and their efficacy in sleep induction.

Who will certainly resist sleep gear, you know, those cute jammies as the perfect gift to remind them of your love and care in the midst of their struggle? Take the time to learn more about sleep masks so you can make an informed decision on the right one to purchase. You bet you will be lost for options when it comes to choosing the right gifts to a loved one struggling with sleep.