3 Lessons Learned: Vaporizers

Benefits Associated with Using Vapes

Vapes provide an option to smoking. In the modern world, vapes are growing in popularity particularly among the young people. The electronic devices vary in sizes, shapes as well as the brands thereby costing different amounts. There is a wide range of vape flavors in the market. These flavors make vapes more pleasing to use than the heavy toxic smoke. More often, the people opting for electronic cigars are already either less addicted or heavily addicted. These people use vapes as a means to stop smoking or for reasons associated with health. Using vapes involve inhaling vapors and exhaling a cloud-like fog. Despite the fact that vaping has numerous advantages over the regular cigars, abstaining is the best option. One is therefore advised to make the decision wisely. Outlined below are the various pros of using vapes.

The first pro is the affordability. Traditional cigarettes’ prices change with diverse locations due to the tax factor and can be hard to afford. However, electronic vapes’ prices are much friendly. At the start, the vapes can seem to cost much compared to one pack of cigarettes but they are a bit durable. After buying at the start, prices decrease to a small percentage compared to the much regular cigars cost.

The second benefit is flexibility and fun with flavors. Unlike the traditional cigars that have two flavors, that is, menthol and traditional tobacco cigars, vapes have a range of flavors including among many vanillas, cherry, menthol, lemon, and orange. The flavors do not limit you since you have a chance of mixing them to find the best flavor combination for you.

Thirdly, you are able to control nicotine. The strength of vapes is between 0 and 36mgs of nicotine and one can regulate the amount of nicotine to take. If you prefer to smoke no nicotine, the option is available and if you prefer a strong nicotine intake, you can opt to 36mgs. For you to know the right nicotine dose, you can experiment with the e-nicotine strengths availed.

The third pro is that it does not produce a bad odor. One of the main reasons why the majority switch from traditional cigars to vapes is because of the bad smell the traditional cigars have. The bad odor takes long to vanish thereby identifying its user with a smoker everywhere they go. Vapes do not possess a lasting smell.

The final pro is the social acceptance. There are many laws as well as legal restrictions against traditional cigars with many countries banning their indoor smoking. Since people hate the bad odor from regular smoking, the smokers’ social life is badly affected. Owing to the lighter smell of the vapes, it is no big deal that people will associate with you.